Tiffany Bracelet

Tiffany Bracelet

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The Tiffany Bracelet is a sleek classy piece with a beautiful slinky chain. Solid stainless steel with smooth shiny finishings. 


Premium stainless steel, tarnish and rust resistant. 

Block letters
- Hand-stamped
- San - Serif Typeface
- Each letter is 1.5mm in height, 1mm in width 
- Letters are blackened
- Letters are in CAPS 

Chain Length
Please measure wrist and indicate chain length (
when open and straightened out) before purchase. Recommended length: Your wrist size + 0.5~1 inch. Requests to add or reduce length are chargeable at S$8. 

Bar Length
Bar length across is 4.2 cm (42mm). May be too long for tiny wrists. Kindly note if recipient has small wrists, the Alexis Bracelet will be more suitable.

Indicate the length of the chain  This can be determined by measuring your wrist size, and adding 0.5-1 inch to that length.

Available characters
Alphabets A-Z (CAPS)
Numbers 0-9
Symbols / . , - • ○ ♡ # ° 

Max 15 characters (topside)
Max 15 characters (underside)

For other chains see:

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