Classic Truth Bangle

Classic Truth Bangle

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A classic SOAMI bangle.


  • The Classic Truth Bangle is 4mm wide and has a circumference of 16 cm
  • Twist and click clasp closure
  • Fixed size - Fit is great for small to medium sized wrists 
  • Smooth satin-gloss finish and matte silver finish available
  • Modern English font, 1.5mm
  • Option of stamping on outerside and innerside
  • We use 18K gold and rose gold
  • Products are consciously and ethically made
  • Packed in our SOAMI box, select a message card to go with, or have it blank so that you can hand-write your personalised message


  • Refer to 'Engraving Placement' image for a visual aid
  • Let us know in the comment box if you have another preference. Please do not use the comment box to make urgent requests regarding delivery of item. Email us instead :)

These cuffs are hand - stamped. Hand Stamping is performed by hand using steel stamps and a hammer. The maker uses a hammer to impress the letters one by one into the metal. This technique results in variations in character depth and kerning. The charm in this method of stamping is that it leaves behind an organic, human element in the type. No two are the same.

Alphabets A-Z (CAPS), 
Numbers 0-9
Symbols / . - • ♡ - & | ∞ #

As these are done by hand, please give it some time for the product to reach you (: We typically take 10-12 days.

The Truth Bangle is the full band (O) 
Truth Cuff
Warrior Bangle (Men)

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