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JULIETTE Stacking Ring


The Juliette is a delicate, thin band with a brilliant cut cz crystal embedded in a square. This ring can be worn as a midi ring.

Material: Stainless steel, 18k Gold/Rose Gold Plating, Cubic Zirconia Crystal
Dimensions: 2mm band
Colour/s: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
Sizes: US 2 - US 8

Fonts: Gotham - A modern san serif font, all caps

Engraving Surface: Only on the inner ring

The default font used is Gotham for this piece. Images are blown up on a micro lens for us to show you the details. Refer to image of rings being worn for actual scale.

Ensuring Ring Size:
1. Come by our shop to try them! (recommended)

2. Measure at home with the RightSize App 
Click here to download the app

3. Request for Ring Samples

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