The I Am Free Campaign is a campaign that invites people to rethink "new year resolutions". Instead of wishing we could be more spontaneous, or courageous etc; why not declare it into the new season? When we wear truths, be it on our wrists or on our lips, gradually we are being set free.

In this collection, we have rolled out a series of declarations of truths that we are inviting you to possess and wear. We want to bring back the heart of Christmas; setting captive hearts free.

- "Then you will know the truth, and truth will set you free" John 8:32

"But I am free. I'm a free spirit." We are in bondage more than we think. Bondage by hurtful words from the past that have traumatised your self esteem. Bondage by the things deeply rooted in your heart which you have yet to overcome. Bondage by the unwanted thoughts that seem to come against our will.

This is a movement. A call to action, to reclaim ownership of our thoughts and beliefs. When you give someone a gift carved with truths about who they are, you're no longer just giving them a bracelet, or a bangle. You're giving them strength, power and hope to be. You're freeing them.

Pick a word, share the love. 

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