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Sponsorships and Collaborations

We seek to make authentic relations with whom we work with, and we are constantly on the lookout for influential individuals all around the world whose personality compliments the SOAMI branding. 

We meticulously review every inquiry for sponsorship in consideration of influence, social traffic/reach, visual and written content, values and the over all fit of the influencer with our brand.

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Athletes/Artists (Musicians, Photographers, Designers)

The heart of SOAMI is first and foremost to speak life into the lives of others; to build a community that is generous with kind words, loving and uplifting one another into becoming better versions of ourselves. Being a creative and an athlete, the founder believes in supporting the community in whatever ways she can. Whether you are a dancer, painter, calligrapher, or a yogi, reach out to us if you love our products and you stand for what we believe in. We would love to get in touch with you, maybe over coffee even!

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