I AM FREE Collection: Truth Bangle

I AM FREE Collection: Truth Bangle

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Truth Bangles are full bands. They are crafted from high grade stainless steel and lovingly hand-stamped with beautiful words that would guide your journey.
Size is fixed. (If you prefer something adjustable, opt for the Truth Cuff. Note: The Truth Bangle has a higher word limit on the inner side as it is a full band, therefore they can hold two phrases as compared to the Truth Cuff.

Stamping: San-Serif, Caps
Size:  4mm band width, 5.6cm diameter (longitudinal)

These bangles fit the average small to medium sized wrists.
For larger wrists/male wrists, refer to this listing: Truth Bangle (Men)

Q: I wish to purchase large quantities of different wordings
A: Email us (hello.soami@gmail.com) your order in the following format to save you time. 

#1 Item Name
Words to stamp (Outside & Inside)

#2 Item Name
Words to stamp (Outside & Inside)

Q: I need a gift urgently.
A: We have instock items! Email us (hello.soami@gmail.com) for the updated list of our in-stock items. We can work out a fuss free collection for you.

Q: I wish to stamp in a particular manner that is quite complicated to explain. 
Email us (hello.soami@gmail.com), send us a drawing with arrows telling us where you would like to place what. Drawings never fail!

List of Truths to be engraved *updated*

A. Loved
By the one who fights my battles
Whom fiercely protects & keeps me

B. Surrender
Cast all your cares to Him
He makes all things good

C. Worship
Immerse me in your presence
Take me deeper

D. Peace
Peace of mind and heart
The kind that the world cant give

E. Grace
Unmerited favor of God
My cup runs over

F. Rest
& on the cross He cried: 'Finished'

G. Restore
Ashes For Beauty
A bruised reed He would not break

H. Courage
I won't be afraid
You make me brave

I. Hope
A light that keeps you going
Let hope rise, and darkness tremble

J. Compassion
An empathy that transcends

K. Wisdom
Let me see things like you do

L. Spirit Of Excellence
Whatever you do 
Do with all your heart

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