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Mean Boy Ring

Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring
Mean Boy Ring - Matte

The ring that brings the suave. Each piece beautifully carved by artisanal craftsmen, finished with a flat outer surface and smooth, curved inner surface, and then stamped with your heartfelt words. 


  • The Mean Boy Ring can be engraved all around the outside (inside cannot be engraved)
  • 5mm flat band
  • Sizes US 4 - US 10 available (Rough Gauge: Ladies ~ US 4-7 | Gentlemen ~ US 8-10)
  • Available in Shiny Silver, Brushed Silver, Matte Black 
  • Made from High Grade Stainless Steel

** Please note that this listing is for one ring only. **


  • San - Serif
  • Each letter is 1.5mm in height, 1mm width
  • Choose to blacken letters or opt for blind stamping
  • Letters are in CAPS


    • Alphabets A-Z (CAPS), 
    • Numbers 0-9
    • Symbols / . - • ♡ - & | ∞ # , (star)


    US 4 - Inner Diameter: 14.86 mm, Circumference: 46.6 mm
    US 5 - Inner Diameter: 15.7 mm, Circumference: 49.3 mm
    US 6 - Inner Diameter: 16.5 mm, Circumference: 51.8 mm
    US 7 - Inner Diameter: 17.3 mm, Circumference: 54.4 mm
    US 8 - Inner Diameter: 18.1 mm, Circumference: 56.9 mm
    US 9 - Inner Diameter: 18.9 mm, Circumference: 59.5 mm
    US 10 - Inner Diameter: 19.8 mm, Circumference: 62.1 mm


    1. For Inner diameter: Measure the inner diameter of your existing rings and tally against our Size Chart.
    2. For Circumference: Take a string and measure around your finger snugly, mark the intersection of the string ends, then subsequently measure the length of string against a ruler. (Don't forget to consider the size of your knuckle, whether the ring can move past it).

    *Size chart is accurate according to our ring measurement tool, and home measurement may not be the best method for everyone.


    We do not carry in-between sizes. As everyone has differently shaped fingers, we highly recommend that you try on the rings in person to ensure of your sizes. You may do so at our stockist: THE SOCIAL SPACE @ Marina One Residences (open everyday except Sunday) or book an appointment with us to try them at our Showroom. (subject to appointment availability)

    For further enquiries kindly email us at We will not be liable for customised rings that are ordered based on estimation of sizes. 

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