Mean Boy Ring

Mean Boy Ring

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The Mean Boy Ring is a beautiful, 5mm matte band. The outer surface of the ring is flat, and the inner surface is curved to ensure painless maneuver past the knuckle.
Engrave your initials or a special date on them. 
Available in Matte Silver & Shiny Silver.
Material: High Grade Stainless Steel

Size Chart
size 4 - Inner Diameter: 14.8 mm, Circumference: 46.6 mm
size 5 - Inner Diameter: 15.7 mm, Circumference: 49.3 mm
size 6 - Inner Diameter: 16.5 mm, Circumference: 51.8 mm
size 7 - Inner Diameter: 17.3 mm, Circumference: 54.4 mm
size 8 - Inner Diameter: 18.1 mm, Circumference: 56.9 mm
size 9 - Inner Diameter: 18.9 mm, Circumference: 59.5 mm
size 10 - Inner Diameter: 19.8 mm, Circumference: 62.1 mm

Tips to figure out your size
Inner diameter: Measure the inner diameter of your existing rings
Circumference: Take a string and measure around your finger (not too tightly, just let it sit on your skin), then subsequently measure the length of string against a ruler. 
Do not forget to consider the size of your knuckle, whether the ring can move past it!


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