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SOAMI's Mystery Box

Designer: SOAMI


This 9.9, we are launching our first ever mystery boxes.

We have encountered many customers telling us how much they so many of our products and have a hard time deciding which item to pick as a gift to themselves or their loved ones. So we decided to launch these mystery boxes to bring back that element of old school gifting surprise.

We let you tell us a bit about the recipient which greatly increases the chances of them loving the item in the mystery box.

We know how nerve wrecking it can be to not know what you are buying, but sometimes the fun is in the mystery. We take pride in the work we do, and we work hard to ensure the highest quality and SOAMI aesthetic in each and every piece. If you're up for it, take a chance with our mystery box and let us surprise you!

  • $50 for 1 mystery item worth about $65 or more
  • $100 for 2 mystery items worth about $130 or more
  • We will request for some relevant details to decide on the items to be included in the box. We may or may not use these information.

Kindly note that all sales on mystery boxes are final. Strictly no returns or exchanges.