Thank you for your interest in the SOAMI Ambassadors Club.

About the SOAMI Ambassadors Club
This is an exclusive selection-based/invite-only club that rewards our ambassadors and lets them earn cash and other benefits for sharing their brand love for SOAMI. 

Perks and Entitlements
1. Ambassadors will receive a unique discount off their personal purchases with SOAMI, and a personalised code for your followers.
2. Earn cash every time your code is used
3. Earn cash for every post that is featured on our instagram.
4. Exclusive features and shoutouts to help you grow your own following
5. Exclusive event invitations, freebies and incentives 
6. Be part of an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who stand for the same cause.

Application Form
Please fill in the short application form provided and include any relevant information which you feel may have a positive impact on the decision making.

Criteria for Selection

  • #brandlove for SOAMI
  • Influential individuals who are living their best lives
  • In line with SOAMI's beliefs and aesthetics 
  • Authentic messaging and engagement with their followers/circle
  • Positive vibes
  • International applications are welcomed

Best of luck!

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