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Made in creamy, smooth Gold Vermeil.

Gold Vermeil is real gold. Developed in France in the 18th century, it is a technique that involves gilding silver with gold that is 5 times thicker than regular plating. We love it for its luxurious look, lasting quality and affordability. With proper care, it could last years. That is why we stand by Gold Vermeil as one of our key materials used in making our jewellery.

Made in high grade, Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a hardy metal that can withstand weathering. Loved for its durablility, it has become one of our key materials used in making our bolder pieces.


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Fine / bespoke jewellery


Bespoke, alternative bridal jewellery that takes your breath away.

It's designed to look like you're stepping into someone's home - cosy and welcoming. Customers can pick up jewellery pieces for a closer look, unlike the usual set up of jewellery stores, which is cold and intimidating, with jewellery kept in glass cases.

The Straits Times

Inside, the jewellery is displayed creatively. Some are showcased on trellises, others in vintage cupboards, so one might feel as if one were rummaging through grandma's old cabinets.

Business Times

By offering engraving services on almost all of its products, it distinguishes itself from its competitors, adding a personalised element that's perfect for a gift.

Home and Decor SG

If you're thinking about getting someone you love a piece of jewellery with a meaningful word or initials stamped onto it, this is the place to visit. With its cosy interior and wide variety of beautiful keepsakes to choose from, you can definitely impress your special someone with a personalised trinket that you can have a hand in (literally!!).

Dawn Sim - @thatmomoffour

The first thing I got was a gold LUMI band (which is my favourite) and it has my name engraved on it. I also got the ALETHEIA Bar + Disk necklace with my name on it and on the little disk there's a little J. I just think that it is so precious. And because I love it so much, I got my sister and her partner the same rings. I really recommend these rings. I love them.

Jemma May Rubach - @j.rubach

I'm a lazy girl who wants to look good so their minimalist chic pieces are PERFECT - it goes with everything so I don't have to use my brain to think about how to match my fit. Thanks for making luxury accessible, SOAMI!

Chantelle Chow - @chowydots