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"Growing up, I have come to learn that people always need affirmation.
I have known too many people whose breakthrough journeys involved clinging
on to a word or a phrase. 

The problem is, in a culture where words are exchanged so quickly and carelessly,
it is easy to forget the good things that have been said to us. I have tried pasting
post-its and making post cards at my work space, but when I am out and about I
forget about them. So I sought to find a more tangible way to store the important
heart words in a visible place. 

One day, while traveling, I came across a kind craftsman in a crafter's market 
who engraves names onto jewellery. I asked if he could carve a personal reminder on a simple bangle for myself. He did a beautiful job and I was so touched by how
something so simple could have such a powerful impact on me. In that moment,
I realised I could physically wear love, promises, goals, dreams, truths..
That saw the beginning of SOAMI, and the rest is history."

- Mindy Aletheia Chow, Founder of SOAMI


SOAMI lets you personalise your own reminders and truths on our
artisanal jewellery. 

SOAMI (pronounced sow-me) is a word blend of the phrase 'So am I'.
SOAMI was founded by Mindy Aletheia Chow, in November 2016
and the site was officially launched in February 2017.

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