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The Founder

Mindy Aletheia Chow, Singaporean founded SOAMI fresh out of University with an
Honours Degree in Visual Communications, and a mountain of University loans to
pay off. With neither a business background, nor any financial capital, she took a big risk that paid off. 

She created a 5-figure business and a well-loved home brand from scratch within
a span of less than 4 years.

Lover of all things aesthetic, Mindy enjoys making beautiful things. She blends her
design bone with her curious business mind into every aspect of
the business. 

"I love the idea of building something and watching it grow, and take its own form.
SOAMI is a brand that had its own character right from the beginning and she
represents something much bigger than me."

- Mindy Aletheia Chow
Founder of SOAMI


The Brand
SOAMI is a homegrown brand that was born out of a desire to encourage people
to live intentionally. We seek to empower people to gift words of life that would
bring comfort and joy to others.

Our classy, timeless pieces are made of stainless steel and dipped in 18k gold.
We offer a wide engravable range which is designed for you to engrave a name, a
memory, a seasonal reminder.
All items are packaged in our ready-to-gift SOAMI box, beautifully sealed with an English ribbon.

At SOAMI, it is about inspiring kindness and grace into the way we think, give, live and love.

SOAMI (pronounced sow-me) is a word blend of the phrase 'So am I'.
SOAMI was founded in November 2016
and the site was officially launched in February 2017.

Images shot by David Goh Studio 2021