Engraving Details

On all our engravable products, we offer one complimentary engraving. (additional engravings on one particular item is chargeable at $10)
There are two types of engraving:

1. Standard (hand-stamped) - Hammer & stamp method (Our specialty!)

Font options: This type of engraving is only available in one font.
Limitations: For ring engraving, this method can only be done on the outside of the ring. The finish is organic and oftentimes imperfect.
Time needed: 1.5 weeks 
to collection/delivery
Cost: Free for one engraving (subsequent sides +$10)
Description: Hand-stamping refers to a classic engraving method. Done by hand with hammer and letter stamps, each letter is individually impressed onto the jewellery. The outcome is organic, and imperfect and more deeply impressed into the metal as compared to laser engraving. Hand-stamping can only be done on the outside of rings. Font is fixed, san serif caps.
Available creative options:
Alphabets A-Z (CAPS)
Numbers 0-9
Symbols + / . - • ◦ ♡ - & | ∞ # ★ , (wing symbol)

2. Laser engraving 
Font options: Available in 3 fonts - Gotham/Quickpen/Petit
Limitations: Does not have the organic, punched in effect
Time needed: 2.5 weeks to collection/delivery
Cost: Free for one engraving (subsequent sides +$10), Special Engravings (+$20)
Description: Laser engraving is the etching of the surface of the material. Special characters, non-alphabetic other languages and graphics can be achieved by this engraving method. The outcome is a perfect finish.
Available creative options:
Special Engravings - Defined as designs/emblems/images/writings apart from our available fonts

For Special Engravings, simply Whatsapp (+65 8031 3068) or Email us (Cynthia@soami.co) your Order Number along with your jpeg image/file once you have placed the order. (Subject to approval as we would need to determine if the image can be engraved on the item). An additional fee of $20 applies.


Font Chart

Standard (hand-stamped)

Laser engraved pieces: Left on the MONET Signet Ring- Petit, Right on the LUMI Ring - Quickpen

Special Engraving: Customers' thumbprint