On-site BONDED™ Permanent Jewellery Experience


Featuring a range of delicate, 14-Karat Gold Vermeil chains and charms design, this is a personalised service where the chains are welded on seamlessly on the wearer, and can be worn as a bracelet.
Designed to transcend fleeting trends, BONDED™ embodies the enduring beauty of unbreakable bonds shared between loved ones. Each piece is meticulously forged with premium materials, ensuring a long lasting wear.
• GOLD VERMEIL Jewellery is composed of a thick layer (2.5 micron) of 14k solid gold that is bonded to a sterling silver base metal. The gold layer is 100x thicker than flash gold plated jewellery, so it won't wear off or tarnish like thinner gold-plated jewellery would. In fact, as a result of this thick coating, every piece is guaranteed to have at least 5% genuine 14k gold. 
• SOLID GOLD, coming soon.
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