Permanent Jewellery Experience

SOAMI is excited to announce the addition of permanent jewellery to our collection. Clasp-less jewellery? Hell yes! We use 14k Gold Vermeil to achieve the lustre and intricacy of these dainty jewellery and keep prices affordable.

We have a variety of dainty white gold and yellow gold chains to choose from during your appointment. All the chains are hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin, but to take precautions if you have skin allergies to 14k gold.

Should you have further questions about our permanent jewellery, or wish to engage our services for an event? Send us your enquiries to or drop us a whatsapp at +65 8031 3068.


1. Book a slot online (booking button below)

Select your timeslot and secure your slot with a deposit of $30. If you are booking for more than 1 pax, please select the timeslots accordingly, as each timeslot is only designated for 1 pax / 1 item. Appointments are set in 15 minutes time slots.


2. Upon arrival, select from our variety of chains & charms.


3. We measure your wrist for the best fit and get you all chained up ;)


4. We do a quick buff and shine, a little tug to guarantee it's secure and you're good to go!



Bracelet: Up to 7" length

Anklet: Up to 9" length

Necklace: Up to 18" length

Ring: No limit

(subsequently +$10 per cm)

Prices listed below are for permanent jewelry.
To make it non-permanent: +$35.

For up-to-date chain design availability, please refer to our Instagram



Initial engraving +$8

For up-to-date charm availability, please refer to our Instagram


Q: Can I make it non-permanent in future if I change my mind?
A: Of course! You are welcome to bring the chain in for us to make it non-permanent for a small fee of $35.


Q: Is there a removal fee?
A: Removal is free!


Q: Do I have to take them off at the airport customs?
A: Not at all :) You can get past security as with any of your other jewellery!


Q: Do they need to be removed for MRIs / surgery?
A: Consult your doctor to see if you need to have them removed before the procedure.

If it need to be removed, you can always bring it back for us to re-bond it for a small fee of $20.


Q: What happens if I need to repair my jewellery?
A: We ensure that the welded jewellery is secure before you leave the store.

However, permanent bracelets don't mean that they are unbreakable. Should it come off for any reason or needs some reworking, do reach us out via WhatsApp at +65 8031 3068 and bring them by our store!

All reworked jewellery has a service fee of $20. Please note that chains cannot be lengthened once they have been cut.


Q: What is the after-care like?
A: Clean your jewellery with warm water and soap to remove dirt and oils that may have built up over time.


Q: Will they tarnish over time?
A: Gold Vermeil is not solid gold, so factors such as sweat, and humidity may naturally wear off the gold layer over time as it ages with you.
Avoid harsh chemicals (eg. chlorine, perfume) as these are not kind to jewellery at all.

With basic care however, this process can be slowed down.


Q: How do I book for more than one pax?
A: Each timeslot is for one pax. Please book the slots accordingly to the number of pax attending.


Q: Can I walk-in without booking?
A: Walk-ins are subjected to availability. We highly advice that you make appointment prior.


Q: Is there an age limit?
A: Permanent jewellery is suitable for anyone 12 and above.

Minors below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


Should you have further questions about our permanent jewellery, or wish to engage our services for an event? Send us your enquiries to or drop us a WhatsApp at +65 8031 3068.